Monday, 27 April 2015


When designing a space, it's important to create some sort of balance. That doesn't mean creating boring spaces by following some sort of set formula. It's about seeing what you have and ensuring there's interest and flow. The spaces we live in tend to come with ready made square lines - walls, ceilings, doors, windows, floorboards, tiles ... We then often add pieces with more square lines, in the form of rectangular or square dining tables, sofas, consoles, cabinets, rugs, beds etc. It all ends up looking harsh and angular. Incorporating circular or curved shapes can soften a space and make it visually interesting. In fact, a study conducted a couple of years ago by a team of researchers and led by psychologist Oshin Vartanian, found that most people are more likely to consider a room beautiful when it features curves. And here's the heavy stuff - it appears we're hard-wired to do so. Yup! The researchers at the University of Colorado found that our emotional responses change based on the shapes and formations of rooms and buildings. Curved designs stimulate the part of our brain linked to emotion. Put simply, curves appeal to the eye and heart more so than straight lines and angles. So here's where the balancing act is important. If you're not lucky enough to have circular architectural elements such as rounded windows or domed ceilings, try layering in circular shapes in your fixtures and decor. Think about adding rounded lighting, a circle rug, an oval dining table, a round bathtub,  mosaic tiles, or perhaps even a round sofa (gasp!!).  Curves are back, baby, and they look damn fine! 

Source: @pocodesigns

Damien Langlois-Meurinne

Kelly Wearstler via @pocodesigns
Source: Marine Longuemart via Pinterest
Hotel San Giorgio, Mykonos
Photograph & styling by Paulina Arcklin
Kilgore's Nocturnal Exposition

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  1. This is very nice. Sometimes, it really makes sense to swerve away from the norms. Round is cool and the designs you showcased here prove how they can change the look of your place. Thanks for sharing!

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