Monday, 24 October 2016


They say change is as good as a holiday. So why, then, do so many people stick with the same tired look in their homes for far longer than they'd like or should?

Most people I know complain about their homes, yearning for different coloured walls, furniture, accessories. They complain but do nothing about it. In their minds, they should get the longest time possible out of the last makeover they did, even though they've completely tired of that look. They've fallen out of love with their homes but don't have the energy, time or money for a complete revamp. It all becomes overwhelmingly difficult.

I get it. But an easy and inexpensive way to inject new life to your interiors is by giving those old tired walls a new lick of paint. I do this to my own home whenever I get an itch for change. And I generally don't care how long it's been since my last spruce up or how much that had cost me. For me, it's not about whether the walls NEED to be painted. Rather, it's about creating much-needed change, which in turn affects my mood and overall psyche.

This season I'm tackling my hallway, which I wallpapered in a dark, moody stripe years ago. I love moody interiors and that hallway served me well for many years. It also cost me a small fortune. Wallpaper is generally not cheap to buy and costs just as much per metre to get laid by a professional. But I'm ready to move on. Problem is, I don't actually want to remove the wallpaper. It's in excellent condition and has a lovely texture that I'd like to keep. But mainly, I just can't be arsed removing it!
The answer? Paint straight over it!

Normally, with stock standard conventional paints this would be a major no-no. They simply wouldn't stick properly and could cause the wallpaper to lift. But I came across a lovely range of chalk paint by UK paint brand Annie Sloan years ago, and recalled that this stuff was supposed to stick to anything with no prepping, sanding or priming required. But wallpaper?
I went straight to the source and yep, this stuff is recommended for just these sorts of jobs. In fact, the Chalk Paint sticks to just about anything - straight over varnished timber, metals, terracotta. You name it! And while it's probably most synonymous with painting and revamping furniture, it is actually recommended and works brilliantly to create lovely soft chalky walls and floors.

My favourite part was mixing my own colour - haven't done that in years! The Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan ™ range comes with a great selection of beautiful colours that you can use straight up or mix and tweak as you like. I wanted a soft nude blush with a bit of grit - I still like a bit of mood, even in my lighter tones. I also didn't want the blush to end up looking like a baby girl's bedroom so I used a blend of three colours - Antoinette, Old White and Coco.

The Chalk Paint uses natural pigments so the overall effect is a lovely, deliciously chalky and tactile finish. You just want to touch it! And I love how the colour changes depending on the time of day and the amount of light that comes into the area. Best of all, there's absolutely no trace of those dark, moody walls after just two coats of the chalk paint. No undercoat or sanding required between coats!
I'm no Martha Stewart or a professional painter, but I managed to paint this whole area myself in just two days. Pat on the back! The paint stretches far further than conventional paints and is very forgiving. There really was no way to get it wrong.

The next phase of this hallway revamp is to paint over those ghastly red timber floors. They're the bane of my life and dominate the entire space. A coating of sealer over the chalk paint will ensure they withstand the extra wear and tear that floors endure.
So, I'll see you on the other side of this hallway make-over. Watch this space for the final reveal!

For more details on the Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan ™ range, head over to

Check out these delicious colours. Neapolitan ice-cream, anyone?
Mixing 3 to get just the right colour
Testing the colour on a board. Got it!

Before - dark and moody striped wallpaper.
Yikes! Here goes. Check out that chalkiness.
Getting there. First coat and the transformation already starting to take form.
And voila! Wall transformation complete! NO trace of dark stripy wallpaper in just 2 coats!